Monday, September 28, 2009

Random Thoughts and Update

Insert standard "it's been a while" apology here . . . .and moving on

Many of you now know that Ashley and I are engaged. We are both very happy and excited to move forward in creating a life together. It has been inspiring to receive so many notes of congratulations and encouragement from our friends from all corners of the globe. Thanks to everyone for the messages. It's safe to say we both were flooded with love from all of you.

For a while I was convinced this is a crazy time to be getting engaged and embarking on the path of marriage; but more recently I've come to realize that this is a major life change that will bring it's own craziness to the table. I mean c'mon: we are getting married. That's a pretty grown up thing to do. There's no taking this lightly. She and I are in this together until God decides one of us has done all that is to be done here. That's quite some time: and quite exciting; and QUITE a lot to think about. It's CRAZY!

On other "life" fronts: Creation Festival: The Tour is six shows in, and I think this weekend we finally hit our stride. A series of late/short load-ins resulting from routing ending up showing us what we can accomplish when it's all on the line, and God put an incredible crew of men together to keep all of the pieces in the right place and things moving slowly. To illustrate the progress that has been made: on our first show last weekend - we finished one hour behind the production schedule. At our most recent event we arrived just under two hours before the doors were to open and completed the show just 10 minutes past when it was originally scheduled to conclude. It was an amazing experience to be a part of, and I couldn't be prouder of the guys out on the road doing this tour. It's starting to feel like a family out there, and that is where the real fun begins.

And there's plenty of fun to come: next week myself, Ashley, Paul and Kevin are headed down to Atlanta to take in the U2 tour, with the added bonus of Muse in a support role. Does it get any better?! Oh yeah - the Yankees won the AL East. And Fall has arrived. These are good times. A solid balance of change, challenge and growth.