Saturday, July 11, 2009

Internal Blogging

This last week had it's ups and downs. What week doesn't right? Yet as we head for Tulsa to drop the band off, I'm reveling in a sort of reflection on the week past. I've begun to try to integrate the good and the bad into my life - to allow and encourage them to exist simultaneously or directly adjacent if that is how they land on the runway of me . . . and its working. It's not so much about the good thing that happened or the bad thing that happened, but how one inspired the appreciation of the other. I can't say I've got it down yet, but there's something freeing about exploring experiences in this way.

I've got a lot to sort through for myself as of late - there's a lot I could say, but in this cyber-driven world I think I'm going to keep some things for real, face-to-face relationship. Bounce ideas off of others - disagree - challenge - insult - all the things it takes courage to do to a real person, but come with a few keystrokes of anonymity via various web interfaces. So interact with me one-on-one: I dare you.

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