Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tour Busses cause Jet Lag

This may seem far-fetched to those of you that have never spent any time on a tour bus, but I think my tour bus is giving me jet lag. Being in my bunk, on the bus COMPLETELY deprives my body of any light-induced daily rhythm. No matter if I take a nap at 2pm, go to bed at 2am, wake at 4am or wake at noon - it's still pitch black in my bunk until I reach above my head and turn on the light. Only a diligent alarm lets me know that the sun should be up outside. Until I reach one of the two areas on the bus with windows, my body has no idea where it is in the course of a solar day. And to be honest: there is something incredibly refreshing about opening the door to the back lounge every morning and getting hit with some sunlight (that's usually the moment right before I realize the window is open, and I've gone to the lounge to retrieve my pants . . . ). I have no scientific proof, but I'm starting to think that tour busses cause jet lag.

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