Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dear NFL - Social Media Research Shows . . .

Dear NFL - in a service to the planning committee of next year's Super Bowl, I have compiled the following social media research regarding impressions of this year's event. Please sit down.

Darthvader: that halftime show did more to crush the rebellion in 30 minutes than I ever did

Seriously sound guy, how hard is it to mix 4 mics and an iPod?

I didn't know the black eyed peas had a cult

Somebody just tweeted they couldn't hear the music behind the vocals. Music? Was there music? I thought they were an A cappella group!?!?

That was the longest 3 hr half time show ever!


I think it's a big challenge to mix tracks these days. (not)

It's official.... Music just died

Not sure who's more or Jamie Fox?

In other news, my grandmorther just applied for the broadcast mix enginner position for the 2012 SuperBowl

Someone please take out the soundguy at the super bowl... Fergie stop yelling and please stop singing.

Slash popped up, and Usher came down.

Am I old, or are these very, very average singers at best? Not sure they would make it out of American Idol auditions

And I thought the "hawk" letters had problems. They can't even light up the whole "V" at the super bowl. YES!

Who else thinks the black eyed peas sound guy is getting fired tonight?

I think the LOVE letters had a wardrobe malfunction. It just kinda says lo'e.

The world needs rock n roll. Bad.

They just became carebears.

So basically Slash just said "Andrew, I don't want to be one of your favorite guitarists anymore".

Everyone would have enjoyed a William Hung and Susan Boyle collab more than this.

I think we've answered the "can the black eyed peas sing" question. Fail.

Slash has the enthusiasm of a tollbooth attendant.

They seem to have the same sound guy our church has, vocal up after a line or two.

one good thing about the superbowl...all the field lights came back on. :)

Um, well...that happened..

My 4 year old could do a better mix for the halftime show! Not that it would make the black eye peas sound better.

Look out Ashley Simpson, Fergie is looking to out-fail you.

it's like i'm watching a really high-end production of a 5th grade talent show

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