Saturday, May 9, 2009

Music Boat, New Blog

This is a new blog site for me - the ole .Mac web hosting is going away so I have to start over somewhere and this seems like the easiest place, though honestly I don't even know the address at this point.

I'm back home from the Music Boat - an experience to say the least. Not sure a cruise is my ideal vacation, but there were definitely some fun moments. It's a good thing that last day at sea was a fairly full schedule - otherwise cabin fever may have taken over my life. It was great to spend five days with my parents and catch up with my old friend Nathan - not to mention getting to see a few performances that will become ingrained in my being come the fall.

When I got home yesterday I decided to start a few new things - and while I'm wondering if it will all pass as a phase that never played out to the point of habit - here is what's on the docket:

1. Blog more
2. Twitter - and hope to find the value in a Tweet that exceeds a Facebook Status update
3. Fitness Time - my word for work out and live a little healthier

Let's talk about #3 - it's time to start running again. And trying to eat a little healthier. I don't eat too much right now, so between a little working out and slightly better dining habits I might be able to shape up. Biggest thing for me might be eliminating Dr. Pepper from my diet. That's a huge undertaking in my life - so keep my in your prayers.

I've got about two weeks at home to get kicking on all of this. It's welcome time for sure. I value home way more than I ever have before. Love it.

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  1. Well, you've got at least one reader. :)

    Glad to see you're doing this as I know you have plenty of interesting stories. Look forward to keeping up.

    John Clore