Monday, May 11, 2009

What is hungry?

Two days into my healthier lifestyle and I spent a lot of time today considering what "I'm hungry" really means. And I have two categories of I'm hungry for your consideration:

Category I: My stomach/body aches or is telling me in some way that I need some sustenance to continue functionally normally. There is a certain degree of discomfort involved. This is probably the truest of the two hungries and the one I am trying to pay more attention to in my "healthy living" efforts.

Category II: I say I'm hungry, but really I just want something to eat. I have a craving for ice cream, or normally have a snack at a certain of time of the day so I'm salivating in expectation. This might be called the Pavlov category.

That's all I really got. BUT I did blog today so that's keeping another commitment. I'm going to get some ice cream . . .

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  1. Is this what you were pondering when you wanted a spinning color circle??